Feed A Fellow

Our summer project every year is GRATITUDE bags for the homeless. Every “Fellowship” Friday we will be blessing those in need of a little 🙏🏻FAITH, 🍉FOOD and 👫FELLOWSHIP. We are 💪🏻Locking Arms with the Locals 💪🏻and will be in need of support.

I’ve composed a list of requested needs, print out and keep handy and as you you shop for your family’s needs, be sure to include the needs of the homeless as we prepare to “FEED” a Fellow this summer and beyond. See the list below.
18920558_10209544333470860_1747460519305890712_nWHEN YOU GIVE “BLESSING BAGS” AWAY …
* Don’t be in a hurry. It’s okay to slip it out your window to someone on a street corner or freeway ramp. But consider taking time to park the car and hand-deliver it.
* Smile. This person probably gets ignored by hundreds of people every day.
* Make eye contact. It shows that the person matters.
* Don’t give money. It’s your decision, of course, but we generally discourage giving cash. Instead, ask what their immediate need is and consider how you can help. Buy them a meal? A bus ticket?
* Be available to have a conversation. Some people won’t want to talk, so be sensitive. Others will be delighted to tell you their story.
* Pray. Before you go, while you go, for the people you encounter. Ask the person if they would like you to pray for them right there.
* Offer resources. Ask if the person knows about Palm Beach County Resources. Be sure they know about meals, shelter, restrooms and other emergency services available.
* Be wise. The majority of homeless men and women are not dangerous — they’re people just like you and me. But it’s smart to go out as a group when handing out Gratitude bags.
* Inspire others. Share your story of handing out Gratitude bags with us. Email us at feedafellow@gmail.com or you can comment right here, we’d love to support you!!

Fragranced items such as soap, hand lotion or deodorant can negatively affect the taste of food items if placed in the same bag. Pack these separately if you choose to give them.
Avoid items such as mouthwash or hand sanitizer that contain alcohol.
Have a Gratitude party!
Gather family, friends, co-workers or your community group to purchase supplies and assemble Gratitude bags together.
Gratitude bags are useful both in warm and cold weather. In summer, include sunblock or frozen bottles of water. In winter, include gloves, hats or heatpacks.

Be the Feet, Jackie