Wholeness from Perfection

I was once a person who strived for perfection. The perfect outfit, hair, attitude, humor, car…….honesty the list could go on. The very idea of being seen as someone who “had it all together” was my ideal feeling of acceptance. Full disclosure here, I felt undervalued and unappreciated if I didn’t uphold everyone else’s ideals of what “all” looked like. As if my identity rested in someones opinion and acceptance of me. It’s crazy how I once let this outside world determine my worth!

But God…………….

I am a woman of value, purpose, worth and love. I am equipped to handle my circumstances, mistakes and opportunities. I am capable of greatness beyond the limitations I think. Maybe you need to hear this today or maybe I need to read this a few times to remind myself of His plan and promises for my life. There are more reasons to cave than there are to crave the life that has already been perfectly carved and chiseled for me (you). But God………. with him ALL things are possible.

It took me a. long. time. to really believe that. I thought “all” meant just the religious or spiritual things and so my journey through life has allowed me to see that ALL means ALL!! All thoughts, all things, all actions, all opportunities all love, all all all!! What is your ALL? Moving from perfection to wholeness for me is like finding those missing keys that you tear the house apart for when they are exactly where you left them to begin with. In that place you keep overlooking or missing because you are too focused on the loss of them instead of the discovery of them.

It is only when I focused on the discovery of Wholeness that I released the idea or loss of being perfect!

Earlier today, when taking my son to work, we were discussing math (of all things) and of course I turned it into a life lesson. I mean, I am a mom so It just naturally comes with the territory I suppose or well, at least it does for me. So, he mentioned he just couldn’t get Algebra 2 because the process or method to get to the answer is so confusing. At first I thought, well then memorize the formula and you’ll master the process. But what I was really led to say is, the rules for solving the math problem don’t change, meaning the formula is the same. We get so caught up in the process of solving the equation we forget to just apply the rules or principle. He knows the answer because of the rules (formula) but spends so much time asking why the process is laid out that way and fails to see the simplicity of the question or math problem from the beginning.

Isn’t that just like life, we focus so much on the process or how we are “doing” the process we neglect to see the simplicity behind the principle or rule. Just follow the rule and the process will reveal itself. Kind of like working the problem backwards from the answer. Re-engineering life from the outcome can reveal a more simplified process or journey to reach the goal or dream you set out to achieve from the very beginning. Wholeness allows you to see that applying the principles you’ve learned along your journey will unfold the process so naturally and easily and can fulfill you on a soul level.

Raw Realities, Jackie

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