Release, Reframe and Reset

It was an ordinary Friday, one that speaks of resting, preparing and playful episodes of jam sessions and craft classes. We woke late, took our sweet time getting to our morning jobs and breakfast.

We had a plan for the day a mission of sorts to go out and conquer fun. I spent the week pinning ideas, making lists, and choosing favorites and was overly excited to share with the kids what I had planned.  We wrapped up the morning just in time to gather our things for the day and head out into adventure.

The very moment we closed the doors and started on our way to load up, I panicked. the spontaneous adventure had me full of anxiety, I was desperately trying to be light and airy with excitement for the fun we would have. I was none of that, I was stressed, anxious and uncertain about the plans we had. I don’t know if it was me trying to be spontaneous with a bit of preparation or prepared with some added spontaneity. Either way I was a mess. I never let them see it but inside I was wrecked.

And then it hit me, release, reframe and reset. I kept playing those words in my head, release and rest, messaging I had learned from my coaching classes. As a certified holistic health coach, the tools were right there, in my head and tucked away in my heart. I said them over and over until I felt myself calm and settled. 

We started on our way, joy emanating from within and had the best fun we’d had in months! If it weren’t for the reframing of my mind, the day could’ve and certainly would’ve been a train wreck affecting not just me but my kids as well.

What you think matters, what you say matters, how you feel matters and your choice to overcome it matters. YOU MATTER!!



Injoy, J

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