What if the Grocery Store was Empty Tomorrow? 

What if you went to the grocery store tomorrow, and you found that the shelves were mostly empty? Would it be too late for you to learn to grow your own food? 


Would you need to prepare a whole new garden bed from scratch? If there’s been a major crash, you might not even be able to get gas to power your tiller. 


And if you’re scrambling to get a garden started, then you probably haven’t even thought about supplies of seeds, fertilizer, or water. 


Out of all the possible times you could pick to start growing your own food, the worst time to start is when your life depends on it. Because, chances are, you’re going to make some mistakes! 


But we’ve got a great resource that can help. We’ve got a great tool for gardening that’s great for beginners and veterans alike. 

If there’s someone in your life who is interested in growing their own food, but they’re a late bloomer – this growing system would make an awesome gift. The Tower Garden is oriented towards preppers and survivalists, and there is a great “how to” guide for anyone who wants to start gardening or take their garden up to the next level.

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