The Superfood Myth


Here’s the truth…
There are no things as magical herbal “superfoods.”

…The root from South America that will keep you young.

…The secret African fruit that will melt away the pounds.

…All those powders with 50 herbs you’ve never heard of… that can not do the things they claim.

Let me explain…

These herbs are real plants that are being taken out of context. They are not offered to you in preparations that can actually help you with much of anything at all.

What about those morning talk show studies, where yesterday’s enemy is the new wonder food?

One day it’s coffee… then chocolate… then red wine.

…Juice anyone?

…Green powders to add to your juice?

…How about a $9 raw maca cacao spirulina ginseng protein shake? (Add $3 for the rhodiola power booster)

Super food fads are simply dizzying… and they over processed, expensive and change as fast as marketers get bored.
So then…

Are there really such things as “super foods?”


They don’t come from bottles and exotic lands.

They come from the farming grounds where you live. Take Juice Plus for example….whole food, powdered and concentrated source of over 30 fruits and veggies packed in either a capsule or a chewable. That’s it!! Fruits and veggies!!

Also, real life superfoods have to be prepared in ways that humans were designed to consume them. (and not made in a factory)

Health empowerment comes from learning the healing benefits of many of the common foods and herbs that might already be in your kitchen.
What if you not only knew the nutritive benefits of your food, but also knew added curative effects?

Did you know that you can use carrots to help heartburn? Cabbage for ulcers? Onions for respiratory issues? Celery juice for hay fever?

There are also deep healing tonic herbs hiding in plain sight on the produce aisle.

Ready to turn your kitchen into a powerful herbal apothecary?

It might be time to learn culinary herbalism..!?

Simple Truth, Jimages-6

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