February Meal Plan



There are no two ways about it — when you eat mostly whole foods, you spend more time preparing meals than you would spend reheating frozen dinners. The good news is that the extra time in the kitchen is a great investment in your health, and you can save time by prepping and cooking ahead. Many of these recipes make several servings, so you can portion out leftovers for to-go lunches or easy dinners on busy days.
Plan for Sunday to be a big shopping and cooking/prepping day. I spend anywhere from 2-3 hours total in all cooking/prepping. Enlist the help of the kids, they love to stuff jars

and make the raw granola bars for their snacks all week.  It’s fun and it promotes healthy habits for the next generation health rangers.

I’ve organized a few recipes to help you get your week off to a great start, and if you make these on the weekend, you’ll spend less time cooking/prepping throughout the week.


When you fail to plan, your plan will fail, J

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