Never to late to eat

It’s been a hectic two weeks to say the least. If I keep it real and authentic, then I would be crying all over my keyboard right now and we don’t want to do that (then I can’t type). But I am getting stronger everyday and really just accepting God’s grace and plan for this new chapter in my life (which I had planned somewhat differently).  And we all know how that turns out now don’t we?

Well now, let’s get to the point shall we. I like to stay organized in all areas of my life and I work well (so do my children) with a meal plan, the guess work is gone and there’s no hem and haw on what to eat. So, here is a meal plan calendar for June (I know it’s almost over, sorry) that you are free to use.

Happy planning, and eating

Truly Raw (and I don’t mean just food), Jackie

June 2015 Meal Plan
June 2015 Meal Plan

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