It’s as EASY as 1-2-3

DIET – This word is not allowed at my house, the first three letters spell DIE.  Which is what you feel like when you change your food habits!

I am guest posting over at, thanks Heidi for having me over, you are a blessing and it is a pleasure.

The topic of discussion is Meal Planning; how to follow a 60/40 lifestyle. 60% Raw food, and 40% cooked, alkalizing food.

As a family of seven you might wonder where, how, or even why we would choose to eat in a way that some might say; could cost a fortune, is inconvenient, or too hard.  It’s all in perspective, I had to wrap my brain around the idea of changing, not just my food habits, but our way of living. You see, change doesn’t come naturally, to most people. We were programmed to eat or behave in a manner of convenience based on our situations. So, it became very clear to me that I needed to change my way of thinking in order to provide the most healthful, yet convenient, and cost-effective way for my family to live.
So, I devised a simple PLAN:
It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1.  Meal Plan – Spend two days of your week, no more than 1 hour each, to plan your meals for the month. Use only 10 recipes for the entire month, then rotate them throughout the weeks to feel as though you have a variety. Create a shopping list according to your recipes for week 1 only. This will be cost effective and time effective. 

Step 2. Commit – Commit to replacing one “unhealthy” food in your families lives a week. Ex… Substitute white sugar for AGAVE, or COCONUT PALM SUGAR. Make this commitment for 90 days, and I guarantee you’ll see and feel a difference in both you and your family. This change in our lives immediately made a difference in my children’s behaviors. Less aggression, more focus (which is key for homeschooling), and sleep through the night.
Step 3. Take action – Involve your family in this new healthful way of living. Ask your kids what their favorite meal is and then substitute some of the ingredients to accommodate this change. (See recipes on meal plan)
You’ll notice on my MEAL PLAN I have named the days, this is to get the family excited for the meals I have planned and to also have them help with the planning, prepping and creating. You never know, you may have a budding chef among you!
I’ve included a sample of a weeks worth of menu items that I’ve planned for my family of seven. There is very little variety. That’s on purpose. The more we have, the less content we become. If I offer to many choices, then it becomes more difficult and defeats my purpose.
The key here is to do what works for your family. This Weekly-meal-planner is an example of a 60%/40% MEAL PLAN that works for my family. And, not all people are one-size-fits-all, so I have outlined just a sample of what we do to offer you encouragement, with easy to follow recipes, to implement this into your lives.
Let me ask you a question, how do you eat an elephant? That’s right, one bite at a time. So, understand that in making a lifestyle change, whatever that change is, is not going to happen overnight. When you develop a plan, commit, then take action, your plan will be successful!
Rawfully yours, Jackie Reiter
Simple Organic Solutions for EVERYDAY Life

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  1. How do you get all 7 people to agree on what to eat? Do you all have the same diets? There are only 2 people in my household and even then I struggle to meal plan. I used to do it, setting aside 1 hour a week but lately, I’ve gone for a more flexible approach based on what is in season (and delivered in our produce box).

    1. I’m so glad you asked, I’ll be talking about that very thing tomorrow; meal planning for a large family, getting everyone to like and eat what is in front of them, and spending only 1 hour a week to do it. So, stay tuned I’ll see you tomorrow!

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