Make health your hobby.

My family and I have been eating primarily an 80% raw food lifestyle for 10 years. I have seen and felt some amazing changes in both my body and my 5 children. Irregular behaviors have diminished, eyes are clearer, less brain fog, more mental clarity and focus.

As a homeschooling mamma of 4 I have to be at the top of my game both mentally and physically. Let me tell you, it could get rather challenging to keep up with life in my household. Thank goodness for fruits, vegetables and clean, organic NON GMO vitamins.

How many times have you passed the stores isles that are loaded with vitamins for kids and just wonder…. which one, how many, are they good, can I trust the ingredients? Spare yourself the mental anguish of pulling out your hair in disgust, I’ve already searched for you and the only supplements that I would EVER put in my family’s body are Juice Plus, check out this Children’s Health Study and see for yourself.

If I didn’t use them myself I wouldn’t share however, I’m living the changes and boy is it nice. No more headaches or aggressive behaviors in my children, more energy without the CAFFEINE IV. I run circles around my kids, now they have to catch up with me. It’s great!

Give it 90 days and tell me you don’t see and feel a difference!

Make Health your Hobby!

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